Michael Capponi is a dedicated professional with a background in entertainment, nightlife development, and real estate. Known as a champion of humanitarian issues, Michael founded Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) shortly after the earthquake in Haiti, where he worked to provide more permanent housing, food, supplies, and educational resources to those affected. Since founding Global Empowerment Mission, Michael and his team has made over 80 trips to the island. They provided victims of the earthquake with food, supplies, access to education, housing, and more.

image1 (1)Professionally, Michael Capponi has undertaken some of the most notable real estate development projects in Miami, including Miami’s tallest luxury penthouse, the renovation of the North Bay Mega Mansion, the renovation of Miami Executive Aviation, and more. He has served each of his clients diligently, thus earning the trust of the community as a whole. Currently, Michael Capponi is splitting his time between his real estate ventures and his humanitarian efforts, which is near and dear to his heart.

To learn more about Michael Capponi and his ventures, be sure to visit his website at MichaelCapponi.com.